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  • Anisah

    Where is V?

    December 29, 2011 by Anisah

    I am waiting for season 3 of V. What happens to Lisa. So her boyfriend is dead what happens to his mother when she finds out will they simply put an alien who looks like him to play his role. What happens to the 1/2 alien human girl? So she killed her father and hwer mother is already dead so what next? And the Priest who is without a church or a congregation?

    I just want to see that ###Queen dead in the end?

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  • Kate.moon

    If you miss watching the stunning yet evil Morena Baccarin on a regular basis, you may be pleased to hear that she's returning to The Mentalist as sexy murder suspect Erica Flynn, and one of the few people to get under Patrick Jane's skin.

    The amazing actress will also be starring in a Showtime thriller called Homeland, set to air this Sunday, October 2nd. Will you watch Baccarin on The Mentalist?

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  • Bchwood

    Season 3 renewal?

    March 29, 2011 by Bchwood

    On V's official Facebook page, one of the show's producers, Steve Pearlman, wrote: “Despite what you read online, the ratings for V have been OK and the show has a chance of being renewed for a third season.”

    Fingers crossed!

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  • Bdore


    February 10, 2011 by Bdore

    WTF? We're posting synopses of episodes three or more in advance? Should those pages not have some sort of protection? Looking at season two episodes, I noticed a screencap I wasn't familiar with. No wonder; it's from episode 8.

    I'm as guilty as the next editor, but if Erica Freakin' Evans' page doesn't have season two references, why is there the energy to post synopses of the entire season?

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  • Frede

    It appears that ABC has quit providing streaming versions of new episodes of V, or at least by the day after they air.

    The shows used to be available at, but an announcement on that site says that it no longer has the right to stream new episodes. And at, the newest episodes available are from the first season -- even though new episodes are available for other prime-time shows. Questions raised about the lack of streaming on the show's forum have so far gone unanswered.

    A more mysterious development: Wednesday morning, discussion on V's official Facebook page was focusing not only on Tuesday night's season premiere, but also on the lack of streaming availability, although there were no answers from ABC to questions. By midda…

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  • TerminatorEyes

    New series starts here in Finland on Tuesday 12th October 9 pm. Just cant wait it. Original version was banned here cause it was too violent . it was banned then but was shown here around 2003 ( not sure year).

    Its name is here Vierailijat ( Visitors in English)

    I am sorry headline is not accurate: First season starts here on Tuesday

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  • Aurabolt

    So much going on in just one episode!

    Before I continue, I want to remind my fellow V Wikia contributors all relevant changes should be updated accordingly after an episode aired. I was taken aback when I noticed the only two character pages that were up to date were Lisa and Hobbes' but that was because I updated them myself. By up to date, I mean they had been updated fairly regularly and there were no gaps unless they did not appear in an episode. I have gone ahead and removed the 1-sentence "update" I noticed on Val's Page because of the missing information. As a reminder: You can legally watch all the episodes free of charge at (everything's paid for by the prearranged advertisements). If you've missed any episodes, visit Hulu…

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  • Aurabolt

    Hello, fellow V fans!

    We're now well into the second part of season 1. The V-Cap was a nice gesture on ABC's part to bring newcomers up to speed and reminding those who watched the first episodes more would be coming. As they did with Lost and Invasion, ABC did not disappoint. Quite a bit about the Visitors, the Fifth Column and the everything inbetween's been expanded upon. As of Episode 10, we now know the following:

    -Valerie is about to give birth to a Human/Visitor baby

    -Hobbes has something the Vistors want.

    -The Fifith Column has a very negative public opinion

    -There's little Anna will not do to get her way.

    -Ryan, Joshua and as of Episode 10 Lisa can immune Anna's Bliss

    -Chad is milking Father Jack for info to bring to Anna.

    -Lisa has falle…

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  • Bdore

    Long Break

    December 3, 2009 by Bdore

    So we have a long break before the next episode. Lots of time to reformat pages, etc. Quiet around here, eh?

    So Ty's "the one" but Val is pregnant. Will there be two hybrids, or does Anna have other plans for Ty and her daughter? And why did Ryan look surprised that his fiance is pregnant? Was he or was he not equipped to impregnate a human? (We already know that answer... or do we?).

    Does Chad really have an aneurysm, or is this yet another way the Vs are trapping him (sucker!).

    And here comes the Second Invasion. (Or is it the first?). How long 'til they get here. Is it Sirius again this time? Something that's been bothering me: if the Sirians have been Sirians the whole time, wouldn't we pick up bits of communications from there in radio or othe…

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  • Bdore

    Elizabeth's Mother

    November 12, 2009 by Bdore

    Who will mother/father "Elizabeth"? Will there be an Elizabeth?

    So I read that they want to pay at least a little homage to the old series with some similar scenes and plots. I understand that the rodent-eating scene is one idea. Will they have an Elizabeth too? So far, there aren't very good analogous relationships. However, there are at least two long-term, presumably intimate relationships between known Visitors and presumed Humans: Dale & Joselyn; Ryan & Valerie.

    On Tuesday night's show, the scene with Ryan and Valerie strongly implied their intimacy. Now, since they are not yet married, it's plausible that they would be preventing a pre-marital pregnancy. However, Erica acknowledges the probability of intimacy between Dale and Joselyn, si…

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  • Lleowen

    I was pretty impressed with the premiere episode last night.  It was a little Battle Star Galactica (ish), but I enjoyed it quite a bit.  It was no classic 80's lizard people, but good enough for me to keep watching.

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  • Multimoog

    V 2009 Premiere Tonight!

    November 3, 2009 by Multimoog

    Tonight's the night for V fans - the new 2009 series is premiering! What are your expectations? What do you think the show will be like? How do you think the show will do? There's a new Spotlight ad running on Wikia for this wiki, which will no doubt bring in a lot of new fans, so: Welcome! Share your opinions on the new show here, or write your own blog post.

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