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"When the human's set off the first atomic bomb, it shone across the universe like a brilliant flare. Another potential homeworld for our species."


Earth is the 3rd planet in the Sol System. It is the homeworld of the humans.

Description[edit | edit source]

Planet Earth is the only habitable planet in the Solar System. It's ecosystem consists of plants. bacteria, fungi and animals.

Earth is drenched in resources, such as food and ore and other materials.

The domiant organsisms on the planet is humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) and have been present for 200,000 years.

Earth for a few years has been affected by Global Warming which has melted ice caps and causing waters to rise, because of humans burning fossil fuels.

Before V's arrived[edit | edit source]

Before the V's ever came to Earth, the humans were coping in the aftermath of World War Two, and the Americans developed the worlds most powerful weapon: the atomic bomb. When detonated the light went across space and was seen by the Visitors. Their the V's looked at Earth closer and saw it was a potential homeworld for their species. Of course, this was when Diana was the High Commander of the V's, and sent V's to look at human society, to see whether inter-breeding was possible.

During their presence on Earth, Diana realized that inter-breeding could never work, seeing as the next generation of her species would carry human emotion, and wanted to abandone their mission. However, Anna disagreed took control as Queen of her people. She continued her plans for humanity.

V's arrived[edit | edit source]

When the V's arrived, they would offer their technology in exchange the humans provide the V's with water and a few resources.

The V's intents are purposes are to invade Earth and make it their homeworld and use the humans to breed and create a new generation of V's.

The V's then turned the sky red, so the red rain could rain phosphorous on the planet and make it more suitable for the Visitors. Earth now is covered with large amounts of phosphorous. The humans who believed Red Sky was the brink of war, Anna reassured them that Red Sky was to increase fertility in crops, heal the oceans and reverse global warming, undoing the damage done to Earth in a century and give Earth a new beginning.

Their presence made humans aware. Knowing the V's to not be of peace, they setup a project called Ares. To protect humanity in the event of a Visitor attack. 

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