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Jeffrey Leclair
Jeffrey Leclair
Jeffrey Leclair
New (2009)
V Sleeper Agent
Portrayed by

Jeffrey Leclair is a Visitor sleeper agent who is part of a Visitor sleeper cell. He is a terrorist who Erica Evans and Dale Maddox were tracking.


Season 1Edit

Jeffrey Leclair's Fake Passport

Jeffrey Leclair's fake passport

Erica noticed that when the Visitors arrived, all terrorist activity dropped apart from one which actually spiked. She also noticed that the same cell was acquiring large amounts of C4. Three weeks later, a truck suspected of having drugs was checked by the NYPD. They did not find drugs but did find, however, traces of C4. Erica and Dale go to Long Island where the truck came from and search for C4. They do not find it in the silos but when they searched a shack nearby, they found a secret passage underground. They did not find the sleeper cell, but Erica did discover a dead body tied to a chair later identified as Owen Chapman, large amounts of C4, and fake documents, passports, and IDs, some of which belong to Jeffrey Leclair. After Erica found a search warrant for Owen's house, the FBI went to his house, but it was cleared out again - as if the sleeper cell knew the FBI were coming. Erica found Owen's cell phone with a text message directing him to a meeting tonight at a warehouse about a sleeper cell. Without informing the FBI, Erica went to the meeting while Dale stayed outside to watch the perimeter. Erica discovered that Leclair was a Visitor, working with the sleeper cell that she and Dale had been tracking. it is unknown what became of him as he never appeared ("Pilot")