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Pamela was a Visitor squadron commander and Diana's superior at the time of the First Invasion.

Biography  Edit

Pamela's mothership joined Diana's over Los Angeles a year into the occupation of Earth and, as the senior officer, she assumed command over both vessels, much to Diana's anger. Pamela brought specialists and engineers who implemented a project to speed up the acquisition of Earth's water. Pamela scorned Diana's claim of the Leader's special favour, pointing out that her supposed lover had sent her 56 trillion miles away.

After Diana's most trusted aide Martin was revealed to be the leader of the Fifth Column by Mike Donovan under the influence of a powerful truth serum, Pamela and Steven convinced the Visitor Supreme Commander John to relieve Diana of her command responsibilities and restrict her to scientific duties. On that occasion, Pamela told John that she was genuinely fond of Diana, though her attitude and machinations suggest precisely the opposite.

In response to Pamela sidelining her, Diana killed Pamela as well as her guard. Diana later told John that the guard, whom she claimed was a member of the Fifth Column, was responsible for Pamela's death. Underestimating Diana's ruthlessness, John accepted this explanation, which proved to be a fatal mistake on his part as he soon became another of her victims. (V: The Final Battle)

Trivia Edit

  • Pamela's rank is slightly ambiguous. She is referred to as a squadron commander and is superior to Diana but subordinate to John. However, she wears the same rank insignia as Diana and only commands a single vessel, yet on her cuff she wears four rank lines as opposed to Diana's three. One possible explanation for this discrepancy is that "squadron commander" is actually a title rather than a rank, similar to the old Earth naval title of "commodore", which was often given to the senior captain of a group of warships when no admiral was present. It is also possible that she was promoted and never updated her insignia, although this seems unlikely.
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