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Paul Kendrick
Paul Kendrick
Paul Kendrick
Assistant FBI Director, FBI Agent,Project Ares Member
Portrayed by

Paul Kendrick is an assistant FBI director of the counter terrorism task force. He is Erica Evans' supervisor.


Season 1Edit

Paul calls Erica into work when he hears that Dale is missing. He tells Erica to go in to questioning but half way through it his cell phone rings with information regarding Dale. Erica and Paul travel to the warehouse where the Resistance meeting was held and find Dale's car. Paul later finds Erica's message to 911 and further questions her about Dale's disappearence. Erica lies her way out of it again making Paul believe her. ("There Is No Normal Anymore")

Season 2 Edit

he then talked to her about Sarita Malik's disapearance but erica lied her way out of it again ("Laid Bare")

sometime later he introducuced Erica Evans to Chris Bolling and later saw erica evans on a surveilance camera talking to jack leading to him thinking erica evans was Fifth Column ("Unholy Alliance")

he then ordered erica and chris to proctect anna when she came to earth in person to discus the visitor youth group when he heard he was most likly unhappy about Marcus getting shot ("Concordia")

later he is pointed out by chris to not ignore erica being fifth column hethen got an anoymous call telling him and the fbi the location of eli cohn's building and like chriss rethank erica evans being not on thier side because of her being hostage ("Siege")

some time later he appeared at the embassy where Anna said she was unhappy about lisa he then talked to erica during this about helping her and appeared again in the warehouse fifth column put Lisa and helped chris set up the hidden camera thus resulting in erica telling the truth he is then later revealed to be a Member of Project Ares and was luckily in the underground bunker along with Lars Tremont,erica,Chris,and at least 50 other people when the world was blissed ("Mother's Day")

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