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In the new series, the Visitors faced more criticism and protests from the public. Following three weeks of their arrival, major protests began against them. Chad Decker and the media have named their protests and the supporters of them as the Anti-V Protesters. The protesters are paralleled on a much smaller scale by the Resistance movement.


Season OneEdit

The movement began at some point before three weeks of the Visitors' arrival. The movement was characterized by groups of protesters, holding signs, at public places such as the Peace Ambassador Center. The protesters were controversial over the establishment of Visitor embassies. For this reason, Anna selected newsman Chad Decker to interview her to calm their fears. ("Pilot")

The protesters also criticized the establishment of Visitor-U.S. diplomatic relations and their Visas, before public opinion was swayed by a Chad Decker interview with an Anti-V and a Pro-V debating. During that time, the protesters even held a protest outside the Peace Ambassador Center in New York, and one protester hassled human members of the Peace Ambassador Program- Tyler Evans and Brandon.("There Is No Normal Anymore")

Mary Falkner emerges as a leader in the protest movement, as she gathered sympathy for the death of her husband, who died in a fighter jet crash when he was dispatched near a Mothership. Mary criticized the Visitors for causing over 600 other deaths in their arrival, prompting Anna to make an example of her to stop her 'infectious' protesting from spreading. Before Ms. Falkner could give a speech in front of the New York Peace Ambassador Center, she was intercepted by Anna, and they emerged later to give a speech. The public opinion of the Visitors continued to improve and the Anti-V Protest movement was struck a blow when in the speech, Ms. Falkner apologized to the Visitors', and Anna announced a Anti-V gunman had attempted to assassinate one of the V's. ("A Bright New Day")