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A seeker shooting its shard-like bullets.

The Seeker is a Visitor weapon and tracking device in the new series. The seeker is a hovering orb, about the size of a cantaloupe, and has the ability to launch many dagger or shard-like lethal projectiles along its equator. The device can travel at approximately the speed of a sprinting human, and is susceptible to destruction by the impact of a swung object, such as a pipe or bat.

The resolution and spectrum of the recording device within the seeker seems to be limited, as the data retrieved from the attack does not lend itself to ready identification.

Appearances Edit

  • The Seeker appears at the resistance meeting and shoots crystal like bullets at the meeting attendees. The shots presumably kill many people but many escape such as Erica Evans and Jack Landry. ("Pilot")
  • The Seeker responds to Erica's 911 call just after the attack listed above, and tracks and attempts to execute Erica and Jack. Erica ultimately destroys the device with a swing of a pipe. ("There Is No Normal Anymore")
  • It also attacks Ryan, Jack, Kyle Hobbes, and Erica by following a tracking device James May had.

Finally Answered Questions Edit

  • Does the device travel autonomously? It did not appear to have similarity to a UAV, which is piloted from a remote source on the ground, so it must be concluded that it travels autonomuosly once it receives its orders.
  • Does the device store or stream its sensory data? It is very likely that its sensory data is streamed, rather than stored, because the V who was imitating the police dispatcher in the episode was looking at a monitor which showed the V what it was seeing.
  • Do versions exist that carry other weapons? It does not appear that there is a Seeker that shoots something besides crystalline shrapnel.


("John May")

("There Is No Normal Anymore")