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Stefan Arngrim
Stefan Arngrim
Birth date
December 23, 1955
Stefan Arngrim portrays Roy in Season 1 of V.


Stefan is also a very accomplished musician. He had a band called "The Knights of The Living Dead", in Los Angeles from 1986-1993. The band was offered several deals, and signed with Capitol Records. Unfortunately, the president of Capitol was fired the same week and the new president dropped all the new bands that were signed, but had not gone into the recording studio yet. The band did get money to make a demo with Dave Jerden (Jane's Addiction, The Rolling Stones, etc.) as producer. But, by the time everything was done, the band was slowly breaking up. Stefan & his partner Roland Devoile continued to make music until the '94 Northridge earthquake, when his girlfriend, now wife, Dawn, decided it was time to leave Los Angeles. They moved to Vancouver, Canada in the summer/fall of '94. And still do. Stefan also helped his sister Alison Arngrim get one of her first roles on "Room 222" (1969).

He is also in the process of starting a production company with his partners, Karl Burrows and Dawn Morrison-Arngrim. It should be up and running by Jan/Feb. 2006. Stay tuned.


Arngrim has starred or appeared in the following:

  • The Defenders
  • Gunsmoke
  • Land of the Giants
  • Highlander
  • The X Files
  • Milennium
  • Seven Days
  • Earthsea
  • Flash Gordon
  • V
  • Fringe

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