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The Visitor Shuttle.

The Visitors' fleet is any mothership or vehicle operated by the Visitors and their armed forces. These Fleets are massive fleets and come in all sizes.


V armada 2009


(2009) Edit

A fleet of 29 visitor ships arrive above cities around the world to establish peace, a prelude to a slowly unfolding agenda. A second armada has set off from their System to join these first arrivals.

(1983-85) Edit

A fleet of 50 ships arrives on earth and invades twice after establishing diplomatic relations.They began imediatly to take over and conquer earth.They maintained a large pressence and utilized police and shock troopers to carry out their work to eliminate many scientists and their familys so the visitor would not be defeated.

Visitor Armed Forces Edit

The armed forces are the solders of the visitors and are spread through out

the fleets in both the 2009 and original series.

visitor fleet original series

(2009) Edit


Known ShipsEdit

Known FlagshipsEdit

New York MothershipEdit
New York

The New York Mothership.

The New York Mothership is the flagship of the fleet over Earth. It is the main residence of Anna on Earth, and the popular site of tourism. It is the headquarters of the New York chapter of the Peace Ambassador Program.


Known ShipsEdit

L.A MothershipEdit

This was the main flagship on earth during the old series. It was here that most of the action and plots occured.This flagship had one of dianas labs and was very large it commanded the rest of the fleet and was the most targeted ship by the resistance and fifth column and a source of many battles it had a superweapon which was deactivated and captured by the fifth column and was replaced in the second invasion.


This was an Elite Mothership which served as the flagship of Charles. It was crewed by elite white uniformed guards.not much is known but it was most likley one of the most elite ships and this ship was well known by many members of the fleet.


Pamelas ship

Pamela's ShipEdit

This was The flagship of Pamela which delivered her from the Visitors Homeworld to the L.A Mothership.Where she took control untill her murder.

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