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Visitor Chief Engineer, Former acting Visitor Second-in-Command
Portrayed by
Martin Cummins

Thomas is a Visitor and chief engineer of the Visitor fleet. He was appointed Anna's acting second-in-command after Marcus was incapacitated. Marcus has now recovered and resumed as second-in-command. Thomas is said to have designed the V motherships himself.

History[edit | edit source]

Made his appearence in ("Concordia"). He is architect who designed Concordia's structure, and is the Chief Engineer. When Marcus was shot by The Fifth Column, he was willing to be Anna's right-hand man, and would assist Anna.

In ("Siege") he goes to Kyle Hobbes to give him a device which automatically makes any explosive device within a hundred yards detonate.

He later told Anna of Marcus's status and tought Tyler Evans how to fly one of the Visitor Shuttles. ("Birth Pangs")

He then questioned how Anna would deal with a child that wasn't hers, she said that all Ryan's daughter knows is that she was in pain and Anna healed her. He also accompined Anna to see the deal with the live aboards and even told Anna of their plan with Concordia. ("Uneasy Lies the Head")

He acompined Anna to earth for her announcement and told Anna that the Blue Energy Reactor was complete. ("Devil in a Blue Dress")

He warned Anna not to go down to Earth but failed. He was then ordered to deploy Anna's best tracker, Visitor Tracker (Mother's Day) , and witnessed the death of Diana.("Mother's Day")

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