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Visitor Embassy

The Visitor Embassies, also called Peace Ambassador Centers, are locations from which the Visitors operate while on Earth.

About[edit | edit source]

(2009-10)[edit | edit source]

2009 Embassy

While awaiting diplomatic relations and the issuance of visas, the Visitors are confined to limited locations. Among these were shuttle terminals, and barred buildings that were presumably the Visitors' Embassies. ("There Is No Normal Anymore") These buildings also appear to house the Peace Ambassador Centers, and are large and modern, high-tech facilities, using very sophisticated surveillance systems, utilizing both human- and Visitor technologies. They appear to be several connected buildings.

(1983-85)[edit | edit source]

In the old series, Visitor Embassies were established worldwide. The most widely-known one was located in Los Angeles (Los Angeles Visitor Embassy), before it was captured by the Resistance. This base had small landing areas and ;large lawns, and was guarded by a laser fence.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Exterior Building set for The Peace Ambassador Center Embassy is the Vancouver Waterfall Building.
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