Medical center facility

The Visitors' medical centers are facilities established by the Visitors to heal Earth's population of diseases, and was one of the first structures to be established.


The medical centers were mentioned by Anna, who claimed they will be expanded to help the larger public. She claimed the centers can cure human diseases that the current human science cannot. Roy, a paralyzed man who regularly attended church, was healed by the Visitors and was able to walk. ("Pilot") ,These Facilities were exsplored more in ("It's Only the Beginning").They were seen as facilities that utilize high tech technology these medical centers could cure with the push of a button on a small device.These Were Large Facilities,Chad Decker Once had an Interview in one of these facilities.

1983-84 series[]

In the old series medical centers were established one particular center served as the site of a speech by John. He was also unmasked at this event.These Facilities Could cure many diseases.