The Shuttle exterior.

Visitor Shuttles are used by Visitors for transportation across Earth and to and from local Motherships. In both series, they are used, but in the original series, the shuttles are named as the Sky Fighter and variants of it are used for specialized purposes, rather than one unnamed shuttle being used for all purposes in the new series.

2009 Series[]

The Shuttle interior.

The shuttles began to appear transporting tourist to the ships. VIPs also rode in the shuttles to get to the massive motherships. These shuttles have 32 stand up seats; you stand up and there is a seat back behind you. The shuttles appear to utilize both an internal gravity repulsion system and also thrust vectoring.


Tyler and Brandon are brought to the mothership via a visitor shuttle. ("Pilot")

A "cleanup crew" traveled, via shuttle, to the scene of the Resistance massacre to remove the bodies of the dead and wounded, and presumably to capture a prisoner. ("There Is No Normal Anymore")

Original Series[]

Large shuttles

Shuttles were more specialized in the original series. (For information upon them and their appearances, see Visitor Shuttles (TOS))

Variants included:

  • Sky Fighter - Used as a fighter aircraft; used as the basis for Squad Ships and Transports
  • Squad Ship - Used in the transport of personnel and troops; modified and slightly enlarged variant of the Skyfighter
  • Transport - Used in the transport of mass quantities of troops or Visitor officers/leaders; expanded variant of the Skyfighter.
  • Tanker - Used in the transport of liquids and chemicals; loosely based upon the Transport.

Behind the scenes[]

In the new series the Visitors shuttle makes sounds similar to the ones that can be heard in Star Wars movies, in the scenes with the Imperial Shuttle landing.

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