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2009 version

The Visitors have their own language, which is used both in their computer systems and in various signs posted around their facilities.

2009 series


The Visitors have a character set consisting of forty-one characters. Each English letter is represented in their character set, along with digraphs and macrons.


The Visitors use a base ten numeric system, as is evident by their numeric keypads ("A Bright New Day") and their countdown devices. ("It's Only the Beginning")


  • While the macrons and digraphs do appear on Visitor computer screens, they are generally absent from posted signs even when it would be appropriate to include them.
  • A font of the Visitor's language is available for download from its creator's blog.

1984 series

Visitor Language translator by marhawkman.jpg
1984 version
The 2009 series uses a very similar set of characters, but the characters are assigned different meanings.

The 1984 version has letters only. Most, if not all, of the readable text is displayed on computer screens. Props seem to use the same characters, but at random, often sideways or upside down and do not generally contain translatable messages.

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