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The Visitors Homeworld was the 4th planet from the star Sirius and is the residence of the Visitors and their leader. Not much is know about the planet but it has been said to be very similar to Earth.


John said that the Visitor Homeworld was 4th from the sirian star and was running out of essential things to substain life. He says that they are destroying their planet, not purposely, but by not respecting the environment.



Anna described the planet as similar to earth with trees, lakes, etc. but they are running out of water and a mineral which is essential for existence.

An alien plant

The cast & crew have stated in several interviews that one of the major points about the Visitors in the new series is a strong anti-environmentalist streak, with the implication being that they strip-mine planets, including their own homeworld, wrecking them in the process, and Earth is next.  Given how strongly Anna was trying to emphasize in her TV interview that the Visitor homeworld was a lush paradise comparable to Earth, the scene seems to imply that Anna is lying.


In Red Rain and Serpent's Tooth, the exact image of what the V homeworld looks like is shown. It is a dark, dusty smokey place which is not alike with Earth in any way, proving Anna was lying to humanity so the V's won't be much alienated.


Visitor cave

The Visitor's homeworld has large amounts of phosphorous on it's planet, because the V's have a protective coating made of phosphorous. When the Visitors left their planet, they must've took large amounts of phosphorous with them so Earth could be plentiful of phosphorous. They did this by making a gas which is the Red Sky Phoenomena.


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